After School athlete development program


Register now for Primal’s after school Athlete Development Program! This program for young athletes focuses on improving strength, speed, and sports skills while correcting movement patterns as the kids grow.

Participants will be introduced training with free weights and develop safe and effective techniques for fundamental movements in the gym.

Classes will focus on:

• Core strength and stability
• Speed, agility, and power development
• Intro to strength training with free weights
• Mobility and joint health



• 12 Sessions - Every Tuesday
• October 1st to December 17th, 2019
• $240.00 CAD (Tax Included)
• 4:00pm to 5:00pm
• At Primal Gym 388 Carlaw Ave. Unit W3

Send me an email if you are interested in registering for the program or learning more.

Move faster.
Move better.


Personal Training

Improving athleticism by developing speed, agility, strength, and body control.


Training Programs

Group training programs for young athletes focused on developing high-performance athletic abilities, physical literacy, and injury prevention.

Private Training

Private coaching for individuals and groups of up to three people with custom training and recovery strategies for each athlete.

Team Training

Working with schools or private teams to improve individual athletic skill as well as team skills, allowing them to reach their competitive goals.


Fascial Stretch Therapy

Improve mobility and flexibility through assisted stretching of the fascial lines that connect through your entire body.

Fascial Stretch Therapy, a specific form of physical therapy, is a unique system of assisted stretch therapy based on table stretches. The therapy works on the fascia and joint capsules to achieve optimal flexibility, performance, strength, and relief of tension or pain.


Benefits of FST:

Increased flexibility and mobility, improved blood flow, muscle tone, and energy, reduced or eliminated pain and soreness, a decreased risk of injury, and reduced recovery time.

I saw John to work on two specific nagging injuries which have been greatly improved with his treatment, along with take home stretches, and exercises. After just one FST session I saw an incredible improvement in my range of motion, and after each session I notice an increase in my endurance when training – I have more power and endurance to push through! I strongly encourage you to bump recovery a little higher up on the priorities list and try out FST!




John Brucker

B.A. Kinesiology (2012) Brock University


About me

My training focuses on improving athletes speed, agility, strength, and body control with a strong emphasis on joint mobility and recovery.

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