Before your FST session

How should I prepare for my FST session?

Please come as hydrated as possible. Consuming at least half of your weight in ounces of water per day is necessary to keep your joints lubricated. Drinking water or consuming water with electrolytes before a session will help enhance the results of the session.


What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothes, i.e, t-shirt and sweatpants or leggings. You should be able to move your legs and your arms without restriction.

What should I do after my sessions?

You can go about your normal day after a session, but we recommend drinking plenty of water to flush out toxins, similar to recommendations after a massage. Rest is also beneficial, but not necessary after an FST session.


Can I workout right before or right after my session?

You can workout before or after an FST session. Our recommendation is to work out first then stretch after.


Is FST painful?

Your stretch session should be pain free. There will be moments during the session where you will feel a deep stretch, but it should not be painful.